Online prayer group members are invited to make missionary experience in one of Shalom Community houses present in different countries of the world. Before wishing to go on a mission it is necessary to be part of a prayer group and accompanied by one of the missionaries, the missionary will discern together with the person the proper time to go. 

What to do on a mission?

The main charism of Shalom vocation is to evangelize the youth, especially those who are far from the church, so everything that is done on a mission is in view of the evangelization of the youth and, with the youth, of all people. The person who goes on a mission will have the experience to live with other missionaries coming from different cultural backgrounds, praying in the mornings (morning prayer, personal pray), afternoons and evenings are most commonly dedicated to the apostolates (works of evangelization – door to door evangelization, or evangelizing on the streets, organizing events and prayer groups, as well as doing some office work and cleaning the centers). For more details it would be better to talk to one of the missionaries.


Shalom Community also works with poor communities in Latin America and Africa and usually organizes some missionary expeditions to these countries.


The Community once or twice a year organizes international events for young people from different countries like campings (Acamp’s summer festival), forums, and festivals (Halleluya), everyone is invited to join. There are also groups of pilgrimage organized by Shalom to bring young people to World Youth Days, keep in touch with us if you want to know more about it all.