Lectio Divina is the method used to understand more and experience God through the Sacred Scriptures.

Formation is one of the columns necessary to grow in faith. The study of the sacred scriptures, the doctrine of the church, the teaching of the saints are real pathways that lead us toward sanctity, they bring us into a deeper experience with God.

In each online prayer group meeting there is a moment reserved to go deeper into the knowledge of God, once growing in that knowledge the preachings will lead all members into a more profound knowledge of oneself, of the other and of the world. 

The formation pathway is the one that Shalom Catholic Community has studied and prepared in total unity with the Church.

On Youtube

All preachings are recorded and available in english and spanish at the Alive in Christ youtube channel: [email protected] You can also have access to other types of videos in this same channel.


In @aliveinchrist.sh instagram channel you can have access to the testimony of young people from all over the world, join live rosaries weekly, and get in contact with one of our missionaries.

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